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Welcome to Business in Africa. We facilitate travels of various kinds to Cote D’Ivoire. We specialise in providing the following services to diplomats, business personnel, government dignitaries, corporate bodies, celebrities, families on holiday and educational institutions on study trips to the French speaking costal country - with rich tradition and cultural diversity:

  • 5 Star Hotel accommodation in prominent cities in the country
  • Airport pick-ups on arrival at destinations
  • Bilingual Personal Assistants (for meetings and business transactions, generally)
  • Chauffeur driven Luxury Car hire service
  • Bodyguards and Security for VIPs and
  • Sundry services including special requests that will make your journey worthwhile

Our Rates

Although our rates are quite attractive, we are unrivalled in offering quality services that leave our clients feeling very satisfied at the end of their travels.

Ordering our Services

Online Booking: Booking online is the quickest way to subscribe to our services. To book online, simply click here.
Ordering by Email: You may send an email to the following address: booking@bizinafrica.net to request any of the packaged offers listed on our Services web page. Click here to view the Services page.
Ordering by Raising a Cheque: You may raise a cheque in favour of Business in Africa to make payment for your choice of service. Further information about our contact details - to enable you order our services - can be found on our Contact page.

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